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Tarinakone is your own story design partner!

A story gives your service a red thread – a plot – that makes your service a memorable experience. A story-designed service is easy and fun to sell. A story-designed service is better; daring and different. It is an experience that your customers understand and love. Tarinakone helps businesses to create meaningful and touching customer experiences.

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In this guide written by Anne Kalliomäki, you can find useful tips on how to design service experiences that your customers understand and love. Service is now designed into a story experience!
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What our clients say about us

” Tarinakone service surprised with the intensity of the collaboration and dialogue, and the integrity with which Anne addressed the subject. Also the Story Manual was suprisingly comprehensive.”

– Entrepreneur Satu Selvinen, Magic of Nuuksio

“Especially small businesses – both in tourism as well as creative industries – could benefit from outside professional insights and working methods.”

– Project Coordinator Päivi Oliva, Turku Touring

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