More meaningful and compassionate services with story-based service design!

Tarinakone helps businesses to succeed with story design. Your company can create unique experiences that are easily recognised and will make a lasting impression. Story design makes your company’s story identity visible and enhances the customer experience. With story design you can create stronger emotional bonds with your customers.

Tarinakone focuses on businesses on the hospitality industry. We have also worked with museums, artisans, wellbeing companies and event producers to create better customer experiences and memorable service brands.

Tarinakone is a Finnish story design agency founded in 2008 by Anne Kalliomäki. Story designer  and trainer Anne has a extensive and versatile experience in story-based service design. She is a pioneer of story design and storification in Finland. In her work she is adapting dramatic storytelling into service development and helping her clients this way to achieve success.

Anne is also one of the authors of the first Finnish book on service design, published in May 2011. She is now writing a book about story based service design. This book will be published in Finnish in May 2014.