Anne Kalliomäki

Anne's Story

Hello there, my story-designing friend!

It’s great that you have found Tarinakone. My name is Anne Kalliomäki. I am the entrepreneur and story designer behind Tarinakone, and a Finnish story design pioneer.

I got to spend my childhood in rural Finland, as the third child of a four-child family. My career with stories started at the age of 6, when I read cartoons to the piglets in the sty. In the summers I ran barefoot through the flat Bothnian landscape and practiced performing with my little sister, the tractor trailer as our stage.

I love storytelling, and I do this job to help my clients to use dramatic storytelling in story designing their experience services. I am also a natural adapter and developer. I want to celebrate the successes that story design will bring your business.

During 2008, a spark and passion for story design was lit inside me after reading two books: “The Experience Economy” by the American Pine and Gilmore and “Dream Society” by the Danish Rolf Jensen. These books – among other things – allowed me to leave my earlier career in television and film production and apply my previously learnt professional skills in story designing services.

I have graduated as a Bachelor of Culture and hold diplomas in Audio-Visual Marketing and Business, Tourism Event Management and Entrepreneurship. At the moment I am completing my Master’s Thesis on story design. I am also completing my first book on story-based service design, and it will be out in May 2014.