Hey entrepreneur, it’s cold and lonely without story wool!

A story makes your service more interesting an helps your business to stand out – it makes your business a success story. A story-designed service is easy and fun to sell. Why, you ask? Because story-designed service is better; daring and different. It is an experience that your customers want to live. Tarinakone Story Design helps travel businesses tell touching stories.

The foundation of story design is your company’s own story identity. Tarinakone helps you to recognise your company’s best story elements and create a unique story identity for your business. After this, the commercializing and marketing of your company’s services is easier to develop – through story design.

The story identity helps you to story design your services into experiences. Tarinakone helps you also with this part of your process. Scripts for story-designed services help travel businesses to give their customers memorable experience, through which the story comes to life.

Story design creates more meaningful and compassionate customer experiences – real emotions<3