A Story Designed Service is an Experience!

Story design will help you create services, that your customers will really, REALLY like. They might even go bonkers! If you are not afraid to story design and even be a bit silly, you will reach your target audience: those, who will absolutely love your experience service.

The Service Story Scripts by Tarinakone take their format from a film script – it works exceptionally well as the starting point of a story-designed service. The story is the red thread, the plot of your service.

In dialogue with your company, Tarinakone will create a Service Story Script in which everything will support your unique storyline. Your story can be seen, heard, tasted, felt and smelled.

Tarinakone can help you create an entirely new service concept, or refresh your existing service through story design.

A story designed service is easier to provide, sell and market. Through story design you can give your customer even better and more memorable experiences. People will start talking about your services, and new customers will find their way to you more easily.

Are you planning to story design your service? Get in touch and I will tell you more about how to get there!

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