Story Workshops

Tarinakone´s Story Designer Anne Kalliomäki also specialises in story workshops with her partners. Anne has done a lot of training in the field of storification in Finland, and is known for bringing the story sparks alive!

Tarinakone is available for a wide range of training options, from shorter lectures and keynotes to more comprehensive workshop courses.

Here’s an example of our 3-day Story Design Workshop Series

The length of the training days can be tailored to suit your needs and the participants’ schedules.

1) Recognising the Story Identity

  • What does story design mean?

  • The benefits of story design

  • Methods of storytelling in your service

  • What is a company’s Story Identity and how your company can benefit from it?

  • Case: The Magic of Nuuksio

  • Building your own Story Tree (recognising your company’s own story elements)

  • The fruits of your Story Tree and “plunging into the role of your customer”

2) Story-Designing the Service Experience

  • How can a company’s story be written into the customer’s service experience?

  • The customer’s experience path modelled to the dramatic structure

  • Case: Northern Feast at the Rock Planetarium

  • Mapping the experience path and sketching the storyline

3) From Story to Script to Customer Experience

  • How do I process from story path to a more detailed script?

  • Using story boards to develop your service

  • Script to practice: Creating experience services

  • Presenting the experience paths & group discussion: How do I transfer my story to practice?

  • How can I put the learnings into practice in the future?

In addition to the above themes, Anne has given tailored training sessions on how to use story design in wellbeing services and local food. She has also taught start-up entrepreneurs and artisans to story design their expertise and to visualise their story.

Are you interested in our training services? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to tell you more!

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