Story Identity is the Foundation of Your Story Design!

Story Tree

A personal story will make your company stand out and grow stronger. The Story Identity tools developed by Tarinakone help you create your company’s story.

The Story Identity contains the core message of your business and your own Story Tree, the Birth Story, characters, themes, and basic quidelines how to integrate the story into the customer experience.

Your Story Identity will also outline some practical narrative mediums you can use to reflect the story in your company’s service environment: for example food services, accommodation services, experience services and in all marketing and communications.

Story Identity Manual

All the elements of the story will be assembled into one clear presentation that helps you to share the Story Identity with your staff and partners. The 10-page manual will also help you to develop your business in the future.

You are in charge of your company’s story. In the future, the Story Identity Manual will help you make the choices that support your story.

Both light and comprehensive versions of the Story Identity Manual are available.

Get in touch! Anne is happy to tell you more about the Story Identity services!

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