Meaningful customer experiences, better results! 

Story design helps your business to stand out from the crowd. It’s a tool for creating recognizable and better service experiences, that exceed your customers’ expectations and make a lasting impression.

Bring your company’s story to life through story-based service design!

In short, story design means developing your company’s services based on a story. By building your company a story identity, you design its service environment – or a story stage – to support that story.

After that, you can build on your story identity and script all your services to follow a strong narrative structure – a plot – to support the service path from start to finish.

Naturally, all the stories scripted into your service are borne out of and also support your company’s own story identity. The story comes to life through your company’s service. Each customer will experience it in their own way. The old methods of storytelling work wonders in creating memorable experiences for your customers!

The Tarinakone story designer Anne Kalliomäki’s book on storification will be published in May 2014. Book will be published in finnish. Hopefully later also in english.

Why use story design?

  • Story design helps you to develop and commercialize your products.
  • A story gives the service causal relations and a stronger structure and contributes towards your marketing and service development strategies.
  • Story design fortifies your company’s brand. This will increase your interestingness and customer loyalty.
  • Your company and service will become more recognizable, thanks to your story.
  • Story-designed services are more memorable and hence generate more recommendations.
  • Story design will enhance your sales process and help you reach your target audience.
  • Story design makes your business more easily recognisable from other companies and services.
  • A story identity amplifies the strengths of your company and brings out your authenticity.
  • A story creates a phenomenon and helps you find your tribe. A tribe is a group of people that share your company’s values.

A Short Story Design Glossary

Story Designer

Story designers are professional storytellers that design and script services into stories. They combines the various active elements of the service (service moments) into one story. Story designers use methods adapted from dramatic storytelling (such as theatre, film and television), service design and experience design.

Story Identity

Story identity summarizes a company’s story in a story format. The very reason of the company’s existence and personality is brought to life through the story and allegories. The story will make the company’s unique qualities visible. The story identity is created through various methods of storytelling, especially visual methods.

Story Design, Story-based Service Design

The benefits of using storytelling in concepting travel services is widely recognized. Story design bridges the service moments as a part of the customer’s service experience. The story line creates cause-and-effect relations into the service. By scripting a service into a story we can create unique customer experiences with a narrative structure.

Service Story Script

A service story script is a blueprint for your story-designed service. It’s a written document that plots your customer service path from start to finish. The script of a story-designed service also includes a description of the service’s narrative level.

(I have noticed that many events and service productions the word “script” is used to describe simply the running order or the program. This does not automatically mean that the event would be created around a strong story or a narrative structure.)

Service Story Board

Service Story Board presents the customer’s service patch in a visual format.

If you wish to quote any of the information from the Tarinakone website, please always remember to mention the source! All definitions are composed by Story Designer Anne Kalliomäki.